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Business Zero To Superhero.

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Fancy your name in print? How do you fancy FREE PROMOTION for your business, project or website in a successfully published book and E-book? BUSINESS ZERO TO SUPERHERO is offering 150 free places and credits to the lucky few who respond the quickest. What's the catch? All you have to do is fill in the form below:






























1.) Remember to Email, Tweet or Facebook at least 5 people you know about the offer.  

    You can tell more people but not less.


Please no profanity, gambling, porn or other suspect sites. All genuine projects/websites accepted. We reserve the right to reject sites we feel are unsuitable. We also reserve the right to edit messages.


BUSINESS ZERO TO SUPERHERO is not just another boring business book! The book uses a comic book story running alongside the text. The author imparts his considerable business experience to the reader in an innovative and visually entertaining way. The book will show you how to start and grow your business with zero cash!


The first 150 entries will be printed in the book for FREE and potentially be visible to thousands! This promotion should not be missed.


We will email all winners, so ensure you include an email address you actually use.


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